YSS Global Team
The YSS factory was established in 1988 at Bangplee Industrial Estate in Samutprakarn, Thailand. The factory was originally situated in Pradpradaeng in 1983, but due to an ever increasing demand for shock absorbers in the country, we searched for a new site and expanded the company by moving to Bangplee. Here we have new modern premises with leading edge technology that ensures we can meet the increasing market demand. In 1994, the company was completely restructured by aquiring all shares from the Taiwanese investors. We then set out to make YSS achieve the technological development to meet the Japanese Standard Norm. YSS has recognised the importance of the quality of our products, with a R & D Department devoted solely to maintain the highest product standard. With the 'Continuous Improvement Program' and the 'Defect Material Prevention Plan' we aim to reduce waste and be environmentally friendly. As a result of this, in 2001 the YSS (Thailand) Co. Ltd. achieved QS 9000 and ISO 9002 Certification from TÜV Rhineland / Berlin Brandenburg in Germany.

YSS Factory
At the beginning of 2005, Offline Racing Australia was recruited by YSS to develop the new generation of gas shocks. Walter Preisig (Y.S.S. Australia) has been developing racing suspension in Australia for over 25 years, gaining a wealth of experience. Later in the same year, Mr. Harry Essen, well known as the father of Low Speed / High Speed Gas Shocks and the former owner of Technoflex in Holland has joined YSS. With the joining of a professional team YSS won in the Australian Championships, Thailand Championships, Japan Championships and other national racing programs. From the modern factory, YSS is able to bring you the best gas twin shocks available in the world today. YSS is now working on a range of suspension products for the world market. With constant testing happening in Australia, German TÜV and Japanese Standard Norm, YSS is the name to remember when you are looking for suspension.