Shock- & Forksprings

Fork Springs High Performance Fork Springs

Fork Springs: $128.00

Fork springs from Y.S.S. USA offer perfect sensitivity — forks that bottom out and kick back are history. Y.S.S. USA recommends progressive fork springs. Because of their progressive action, they offer high sensitivity in a wide range of situations. When combined with fork oil from Y.S.S. USA, optimum dampening is achieved. We have the right viscosity oil and air gap measurements for your motorcycle. Suitable for the hardened sports rider on the road, racetrack or off-road.

MX Fork Springs by Year, Type, Number, N/mm
Honda • Kawasaki • KTM • Suzuki • Yamaha

Also: Mono Springs • Mono Shocks
Shock Springs Shock Springs — All sizes available

MX & Street Mono Springs: $99.00

Twin Shock Springs: $80.00 Black — $100.00 Chrome

Y.S.S. USA has many different spring sizes and rates to perfectly set-up the suspension to meet your riding demands and style. Ask us about our complete front suspension makeover, where we not only change springs but also the compression and rebound to suit you. View Warehouse Stock.

MX Mono Springs by Year, Type, Number, N/mm
Honda • Kawasaki • KTM • Suzuki • Yamaha

Also: Fork Springs • Mono Shocks
Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance

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Prices RRP in $USD subject to change without notice.
Re-Valving Forks: $ per Pair - CALL FOR PRICE
Re-Valving Rear Shock: $ Mono - CALL FOR PRICE
Fork Servicing: $ Upside Down - CALL FOR PRICE
Fork Servicing: $ Conventional - CALL FOR PRICE
Re-Chroming: $ - CALL FOR PRICE
Fork Leg Replacement: $ - CALL FOR PRICE